When you go and try to walk outside, you would realize that most if not all windows are tinted. This includes windows from cars, houses, and big business buildings. To the regular guy, all these tinted windows look normal and ordinary. But the fact of the matter is, window tinting has its benefits.

So here’s the thing. When people tint their windows, it’s not because they think it should be tinted. It doesn’t matter if it’s cars, houses, or buildings. Window tinting in Perth exists for a reason. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we will be talking about today.

Like what I said above, people tint their windows for a variety of reasons. Listing them down will give you a good idea on why people tint their windows.

  • Heat shield – According to weather reports, the world is getting hotter. There’s no way around this aside from shielding yourself from the direct heat. Window tints offer different levels of heat shielding from 12% to 80% depending on the type of film. If you are looking for a sweet spot that allows light to get in but still keeps the heat out, 45% is your best bet. It’s also the best value for your price. By keeping the heat out, it makes your commute or daily life bearable. Just imagine your car without any tint and you have a mobile oven.
  • UV Rejection – If you haven’t been talking to your dermatologist then you wouldn’t realize that the challenge of modern man is not just about avoiding the heat but also make sure that you get the pesky UV rays away. For your information, UV light comes primarily from the sun and can be either UVA or UVB light. According to experts, prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB light can cause various health risks. With the rising temperature, the risk of being exposed to UV light also increases. Putting a tint on your window cuts back on the UV light exposure and you are ensured that you and your family won’t have problems stemming from UV light exposure.
  • Aesthetics – Ah of course, when you have proper heat shielding down and you are sure UV light is kept in bay, you can always go the extra mile and use window tinting for aesthetic purposes. It is a great way for any car or house owner to put in a little bit of their “style” into their beloved possessions. Think about it, if you were to ensure that you put your health in check then you might as well do it in style, right?
  • Privacy – The most basic of reasons. Nobody really wants clear glass house or car. It’s like you are welcoming people to go and check out your home. Tinting your home or car windows for the sake of privacy is fine. As a matter of fact, it’s quite normal. Just make sure you keep in mind any tint laws in your city. Going too dark might prove to be suspicious to the authorities.

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