Commercial Tinting

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Commercial Tinting

However, this type of window tinting is also among the more expensive options.

Natural lighting is good for an office space since it can help keep people relaxed and focused. The mood improves productivity since the human brain doesn’t work very well in dim conditions and artificial lighting doesn’t have quite the same subtle impact.

However, too much light or heat coming from the outside can be detrimental. This scenario is especially true in the hot Perth summers.

 Window Tinting Perth
If the windows are not adequate insulation, the heat could even cause damage to sensitive electronics or chemicals. In some offices or tasks, a darker room is preferable.

The use of actual window films and tints can transform this potential weak link into an asset, helping keep the mood in the office confident no matter the conditions on the outside.

Excellent window tinting film has other benefits. With the right tints and films, you can filter out most or all UV rays coming from the outside, for example. The safety window films that we use for window tinting have some properties that make them more than just cosmetic.

The films from Window Tinting Perth WA provide protection from smashing to a limited extent, reducing the amount of flying glass shards that happen if a window shatters.

The film’s resilience against weather conditions also helps in limiting crime – quick smash-and-grab thieves dislike the difficulty in breaking the tinted window easily and quietly.

Finally, our window tinting also makes it easier to undo graffiti. You only need to remove the film, rather than replace the entire window.

We understand that business in Perth might want a little more protection than standard.

We provide specialized films for tinting windows that also have enhanced security features. The commercial-grade films we use are ideal for protecting a shop or office space. They provide better protection from storms, accidents, and vandalism for store fronts.

The window tinting we use has a durable protective layer that reinforces the glass, so there’s a lower risk of it breaking due to accidents or stray objects.

Of course, if you’re interested but don’t want anyone disrupting your business, Window Tinting Perth WA understands.

We can have our installation teams arrive after-hours or at a time of your choosing, so we don’t interrupt or otherwise get in the way of your dealings.

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