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Car Protection

For the protection of your car windows, it is best to use the top tinting products on the market. If you choose the right one, you can get a number of benefits.

Take a moment and we’ll outline just what you can get through tinting your car windows.

First, the tinting film can give a car windows a nice shine. It’s a lifetime effect, lasting as long as the film itself is intact and on the glass.

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The use of high-quality tinting film means that maintenance needs are minimal. The film only requires a one-time application and regular cleaning. You don’t need any special materials, but just clean it whenever you clean your car.

Our clear coating is designed to provide a slick surface, making it resistant to bird droppings and tree sap. These two are among the biggest annoyances on car windows, so you can stop worrying about them so much.

Our tints provide enhanced protection against ultraviolet light. It also protects against fading of interior colors and premature ageing due to light-related environmental conditions.

The tinting films we provide also have a hydrophobic coating. What his means is that water slides off with little difficulty, making it easy to clean. It’s as close to self-cleaning as you’re going to get.

Tinting films are excellent for minimizing maintenance while protecting your car interior and passengers from the sun. It is a one-time investment for long-term improvement of the driving experience. Call us now and have our specialists advise you on what type works best for your needs.


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