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Security & Safety

Tinting can be an aesthetic choice, but it can also bring security features. Privacy is one of the things that cause people to acquire tinting for their windows. Preventing people from peering inside your car or home is just practical, after all.

One of the main safety features of tinting films is how it bonds with the glass.

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The bonding and adhesion are a precautionary measure, functioning in the event of a break. The film causes the shards that form after a break to be larger, holding together smaller pieces. This makes the resulting debris safer and more comfortable to handle, as well as clean up.

Safety films can also absorb some small measure of impact force. This reduces the overall damage to the windows from impact, reducing the chances of breaking.

Polyester forms the core of most safety films. This is an excellent way to reduce damage from impact and can deter vandals. At the same time, it allows the films to be cut and modified easily. You can ask our professionals to change specific measurements or design.

Here’s a rundown of the features you get from tinting or frosted window films, regarding safety and security.

• Decrease the risk of cut and injuries from broken glass
• Hold smaller shards of glass together on breaking
• Increased endurance against severe weather and wind-borne debris
• Customizable designs

Additionally, all of our films meet international and Australian safety standards.


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