Solar Films

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Solar films

Modern building designs use a significant amount of glass. This gives a sleek, modern look and provides a building with facade a cleaner feel. However, panes of glass also allow more solar radiation to enter the rooms. This can be both good and bad.

In most rooms, natural lighting is excellent. It can make a room warmer. Space feels more open, and the light is more calming, according to studies. It’s also less visual strain.

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However, glass is a weak filter for harmful radiation. It can also lack privacy, as most homes and buildings don’t have one-way glass.

One way to resolve the issues is the use of solar films for tinting.

Solar films run on a fundamental principle: blocking out as much harmful UV light as possible. In particular, 80% of all harmful UV light can be filtered out through these films. They are also designed to protect your privacy by obscuring people looking from the outside.

This type of film also can filter out heat, cooling the interior and reducing costs. This can be a huge benefit during the hotter times of the year.

Solar films are designed to be installed on a glass surface, as flat as possible. They can take a few hours to apply. Installation time will vary based on things like panes and the area that needs covering.

As a benefit, they are easy to clean. The film also allows water and other liquids to slide off.

Varieties of the films exist. You can get ones designed to reduce glare more effectively, ones that focus on filtering out heat, or ones that provide maximum privacy.


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