Window Privacy Film

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Window Privacy Film

Privacy film is a good option if you are looking for both security and aesthetics. Apply them to a pane of glass, and they can improve interior conditions, enhance lighting, or just keep neighbours from prying too easily.

The core benefits of window privacy film are about aesthetics and safety.

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Ordinary glass can make privacy a challenge. You can look outside, but people can also look within. Special films can negate this, blocking outsiders from looking in but not impeding your view.

Window privacy film provides a security bonus. The material is adhesive and reduces shards and shrapnel in the event of shattering. This results in more prominent and more manageable pieces, rather than small ones that have a high risk of injuring people.

Our tinting film products also provide a limited degree of filtering for light and UV rays. With these, you can reduce the impact of harmful radiation and improve energy efficiency.


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