We deliver the best services in the Perth area. If you don’t believe us, then why not read some of the comments left behind by our many satisfied clients?

Here we compiled just some of the feedback we’ve gotten. If you aren’t sure yet if we should handle your tinting needs, then why not let our work speak for itself?

“The windows on my car look so sweet. The darkest legal tint is definitely great and so was the service from the guys at Window Tinting Perth WA. Thanks”

– Tim Lund

“A massive thanks to these guys. Our home not only looks superb with the window tinting addition, but you can feel the temperature difference. Definitely win win.”

– Hayden Street

“These guys did a great job. The frosting is perfect, and my windows have never looked better”

– Stacy Madison

“When I got my house, I knew I didn’t want curtains everywhere. I decided to go with frosting. I looked up a lot of options, but I went with these guys. And I don’t regret it! They came on time, did the job in less time than I thought it would, and they did a great job! I’ve never been happier, and the frosting looks so good”

– Kylie Tanner

“Our entire commercial property has just been tinted within days, when we expected weeks. Fast and reliable services hands down. We would recommend. Thanks”

– Daniel Coulter

“I was given great assistance in arranging my window tinting needs from consultation to the finished product. I must say I am very impressed by their help and the result.”

– Jennifer Corbett

“Awesome work! I’ve never had better-looking windows in my office. They even did a nice job on the custom design I needed for some of the frosting films.”

– Matt Coleman

“Window Tinting Perth WA are still yet ceasing to amaze me. Their attention to detail and passion towards their work is not seen often and its fantastic.”

– Jess Newton

“Window Tinting Perth WA’s tradesmen had great attitude and were very approachable. I was very reassured of their capabilities after being recommended to them by a few friends.”

– Martin Patane

“I needed some high-quality tint on my car because the glare was bothering me as I drive. The trouble was that I wasn’t sure what to get. Window Tinting Perth helped me figure out what I needed and made sure I got it. And I got it fast, too.Great work from some great guys.”

– Stanley Meyers

These are just some of the great things that our satisfied customers say about us. Whether you want the frosting to add a nice decoration to your office or tinting for your cars, we can handle it and deliver excellent results.


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