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Car Tinting

Are you thinking of getting tinting for your car windows? Let us give you more information, so you can decide if it’s the right call for you.

Window Tinting Perth WA is here to provide some answers on the car tinting front. If you’re looking to get that done or are curious about what you can get out of it, here are some good reasons. Take a look at the information below.

 Window Tinting Perth
  • Reduced Heat – Depending on the tinting material used, you can cut the heat that enters a vehicle by up to 70%. This reduces problems during long drives in hot Perth weather.
  • Ultraviolet Filtering – Tinting films are also able to deflect ultraviolet rays. These are responsible for various conditions, such as skin cancer. Tints can reduce UV exposure by filtering out the radiation but allowing other rays to enter.
  • Glare Reduction – Out on the road, sunlight can make visibility a challenge. Tint films can cut down the amount of glare, allowing you to see clearly as you drive.
  • Protecting Your Valuables – People like to keep things in their car. By using window tinting, you can reduce the heat from the environment. This reduces the risk of items being damaged by it after an extended period in the confined space of a car.
  • Privacy – With darker tinting films, you can prevent people from looking in. The screens are more private, but work one-way so that you can look outside without any trouble.


Dyed Window Film
This type of tinting uses a layer of dye, placed between a protective top coating and an adhesive layer. This allows it to coat the surface and prevent scratches. It blocks up to 50% of all incoming sunlight and is non-reflective on the outside, which many find appealing.

Metalized Window Film
This multi-layer choice is prized for its durability, glare protection, and UV radiation blocking. However, it is also known to block radio signals, so be sure to consider that. The metal content reflects heat and allows it to take more punishment than other types.

Hybrid Films
The metal content in a hybrid film deflects heat. The layer underneath is designed for handling glare and UV rays. This hybrid design is less expensive and durable, but less so compared to metalised options. However, it also boasts a lower chance of interfering with cell and radio signals.

Ceramic Tinting
This is useful or blocking out heat. It also has the reduction of glare and UV rays. For vehicles with in-glass antennae, it doesn’t block any signals. However, it is an expensive option.


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