Residential Tinting

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Residential Tinting

If you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your window, you have plenty of options. Screens, curtains, shades are all viable choices. However, if these don’t appeal to you or clash with your plans, you could look into using window tinting.

Tint films can fulfil some functions.

For instance, tinting can filter out incoming light. You can block out most of it or some of it, based on the material used. This still allows the place to have natural lighting, allowing for a more “homey” feel.

 Window Tinting Perth
Tinting films also provide better privacy. You can select a film or material that covers the view from the outside. At the same time, you can still look out from the inside.

The Prestige Series is the best available product from Windows Tinting Perth WA.

It’s a transparent film made using modern technology. It’s designed to have excellent heat insulation properties. Light can get through without problems, providing no colour distortion. The window still displays 70% of all available light and is more efficient for privacy and heat insulation.

The Ceramic Series is designed for those looking for both clarity and heat rejection.

Ceramic tinting cuts off up to 50% of visible light. This can give a room a cosier, more relaxed feel. Heat rejection is at 59%, making interiors cooler. The tinting is moderate and can reduce glare, but is not have a particularly strong visual impact.

There is also the Night Vision Series.

The materials for this are dual-reflecting, which allows you to have privacy in the day and visibility at night. The ability to filter out light is low – coming in at 35%. However, it also provides heat insulation up to 71% and impressive glare reduction.

Installation times will vary. Please consult our experts for the time and weather conditions where installation would be advisable.


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