Glass Scratch & Stain Removal

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Glass Scratch & Stain Removal

Glass can scratch easily. This is common knowledge. From glass panes to big car windows, they can be damaged, and it’s a good idea to protect it.

One of the reasons to apply tinting and protective film on glass is for safety. Glass can be difficult to predict. Sometimes hard impact can leave cracks, but the pane is intact. Other times, the tiniest scratch can cause the window to shatter.

Films can become a great way to prevent these issues.

 Window Tinting Perth
The protective film uses adhesive properties to hold the windows intact, allowing the glass to remain in larger pieces rather than shatter into shards. The film is also effective at keeping smaller pieces together, to prevent them from cutting anyone or spreading.

There are many ways for the glass to be worn or damaged.

Bruising is unsightly. Scratches are a permanent problem. The prints hands and fingers leave behind can be messy. Little cracks are risks to structural integrity. All of these problems can be frustrating, and the cost of replacing the glass with these issues is costly.

Our firm provides custom-cut films, able to fit your specifications.

The tinting film is designed to be easy to clean. Water and liquid stains can be wiped right off, leaving no residue. The film also prevents the covered glass from being exposed to the elements and scratch damage, including a degree of impact resistance.


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