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Mobile Window Tinting

Depending on materials, window tinting films can block out up to 99% of the sun’s rays. This provides protection from ultraviolet light, prevents colours from fading, and reduces solar damage on valuables. You also cut down on glare and have better control over the heat coming into a room.

If you choose a film that has security features installed, you can also reduce the risk of injury in the event of damage. The film can hold the glass together, making the shards larger and more intact to lower the risk of severe injury.

 Window Tinting Perth
Take a moment to check if you’re interested in solar reduction or safety features. Some film materials are better at one task than at the other. You can also choose an in-between material, gaining the benefits of both but with less intensity.

Our mobile service can get the tinting technicians at your door. We provide a three-year to seven-year warranty, based on materials and your preferences. For specific films, we offer a limited lifetime warranty.


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