Car Wraps

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Car Wraps

Are you thinking about getting a car wrap? They’re an increasingly popular option for various tinting companies in the country.

But first, let’s look at what a car wrap is first and what it can do that paint jobs don’t.

A wrap is a vinyl decal or graphic, designed to go with the original paint. This allows for quick changes without extensive time spent in customisation. All you need to do if you want to get back to the original look, just remove the wrap. Or get our experts to do it if you like.

Getting a wrap applied is a three-step process in most situations.

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The design phase is the start. You get measurements for the vehicle and come up with graphics that you want on it. You can input what you’d like to see or pick from samples. Designers can assist in figuring out how to wrap the design around the dimensions.

Production is what comes next. The graphics are applied to the material, and the vinyl is laminated. This protects against abrasions and UV rays. This also protects the graphics, allowing them to last longer against on-road conditions.

Finally, there is the installation. This can be full, covering the whole car. Or it might be a partial one.

A partial wrap can vary based on covered area. A half-wrap is designed to fit on the rear, usually with a logo for the hood. Three-quarters cover a larger area. Finally, the full wrap is the entire vehicle. Wrapping for the roof is an optional choice.

Car wraps can be a great alternative to tinting films. They offer more customisation options, but also allow you to avoid repainting.


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