Earthmover Tinting

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Earthmover Tinting

Large vehicles such as EarthMovers can also benefit from tinting and protective films. These vehicles are part of large company fleets, making it essential that they are in good repair and maintained well. They are often huge, hauling tonnes of earth or other materials around.

The functionality of these vehicles is essential. However, so is the safety and comfort of the drivers behind the wheel.

 Window Tinting Perth
If you are looking to reduce glare, heat, and other functions, consult us. We have EarthMover tinting films and installation services that can handle the job.

Large vehicle windows are often tinted mainly as an aesthetic choice, but there are safety features that come into play. For instance, the films use an adhesive that reduces the number of shards in case of a break. This makes smaller pieces less of a danger and easier to handle.

Tinting films can block UV radiation. This protects your driving teams from the damage they can cause, even if they’re in the cabin for a prolonged period.

Heavy-duty tinting can block up to 60% of heat from the environment. This is crucial for long drives, where the comfort of the team is paramount.

We provide tinting films for mining equipment, cranes, and other heavy gear. We’ve conducted installations on forklifts, loaders, dump trucks, excavation equipment, and others. We perform on-site visits and installations for heavy vehicles.


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