Tinting Process

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Tinting Process

Car windows are an essential part of the modern vehicle. When getting a tinting film installed, you want to know the process is safe. You want to know your car is in good hands.

To help you find this peace of mind, we’re here to show the steps by step of the application process. Give it a look, so you can decide whether or not how we do things here is right for you. We guarantee that our method is damage-free and minimises the hassle.

First, we begin by measuring the area.

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Cleaning is the next step. The surface that gets tinted must be as flat and clear as possible. This means that any bumps must be removed and stains cleaned off. A thorough cleaning is part of the package when you order tinting from us.

The film is then applied to all the target areas. Back windows often require application on the exterior areas.

The crew will also do a double and triple check, to make sure nothing is missed. Air pockets are removed. Excess is trimmed off. Adhesion is checked for consistency.

The installation time can vary. In some cases, it’s about two or three hours. In others, it can take longer. Factors include the size of the window, the area covered, and sometimes the time of day. For example, some films should not be applied under direct sunlight.

Please note that car door trims may need to be removed for some models. Holden VE, Ford, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW designs often require this step. Our mechanics will make sure that the removal and re-installation process is smooth and carried out professionally.


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