Frost Film

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Frost Film

Glass from floor to ceiling isn’t unusual anymore. The look is gaining traction and becoming popular in various parts of the world, including Perth. It gives a sense of style, as well as the illusion of greater space.

The look, while pleasing, can be flawed.

Top to bottom glass is not very private. An excellent way to counter this is to use tinting films and frosting, as a way to prevent outsiders from looking in. Just install these and provide more privacy, as well as a few other features.

 Window Tinting Perth
Frost films are partly opaque and can resemble a thin coat of frosting. This blocks the view from one side, but not the other.

These films are easy to remove or apply. Installation is often quick once you’ve cut the films, and require minimal effort for partitioning and protection. The films can also filter UV radiation to a limited degree.

Frost films can be cut to whatever size is required. They are great for many aesthetic designs or styles, requiring only measurements and your ideas.

Frost films also have the benefit of keeping the openness and light of glass, but without sacrificing privacy and protection. The film can block away not just heat, but also reduce the odds of small shards injuring people in the event of a break.

You can also cut or alter the film. This lets you have your designs, or to account for things such as plates or plaques.


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