For a decade now, window tinting WA is the norm. It’s hard to find a house or car who has windows with no tint. It feels like they are considered out of the ordinary. The funny thing is that window tinting is not really a “new” discovery or invention. This revolutionary invention was created in the 1960’s. Initially, they were just used for tempered automotive glass windows. At that time, the main purpose of film in glass was to strengthen it. For that reason, the most popular variety was the transparent one.

In the 1970’s, popular cars owned by the rich and famous started using dark tinted windows. At that time, privacy was put in high regard. Back then, the idea was to use film that was as dark as safely possible. Some cars had dark tint equivalent to 80% film we have today. Sadly, this resulted in a lot of accidents because some people tinted every piece of glass in their cars.

When the 80’s hit, window tinting in Perth changed as cities and countries started to create laws to manage window tints. This was the time when the range of window stints started with 5% to a maximum of 70%. Various colors were made available for the public and window tinting WA started to become a fad among the rich and famous. Still, the modern version of the window tint we use today wouldn’t enter the picture until the 90’s.

Throughout time, window tinting in Perth became less focused on privacy and more on the heat shielding, UV protection, and glass tempering properties. Researchers tried to find the best way to come up with a film that would do great on all three properties mentioned above but still be safe for car owners to use on their cars.

A breakthrough in window tinting in Perth came in the form of ceramic based films. These films were coated with a very thin layer of Aluminum Oxide, Titanium Oxide, or a mixture of the two. The result was a tough piece of film that blocked out heat and UV light from the sun while still allowing ample light to enter the window. This allowed homes and cars to stay cold even in warmer weather.

If you ask experts in window tinting in WA, they will tell you that we are still far from coming up with the perfect window tint. The industry is indeed growing and it is now able to cater to the different needs of modern man. Nowadays, there are hundreds if not thousands of kinds of window tints one can use for their home, office, or cars. Customers can freely choose how much heat it can reflect, if it blocks UV rays, how dark it is, or if it comes in red or blue. The sky is the limit for customers when it comes to window tinting. Just make sure you get a proper installer that can provide you with quality service and proper support after they have installed it.

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