Solar Films

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Solar films

Modern building designs are starting to put greater emphasis on harmony. There is a drive to make the inside and the outside of a structure blend, or at least not clash against each other. One of the most popular ways to achieve this is the use of pane after pane of glass.

Of course, with all that glass comes to the risk of letting in too much solar radiation.

In most cases, light from the sun is a good thing. It warms a room. Natural lighting allows for a more open feel in space. Light from the environment is also more calming, and easier on the eyes than artificial light.

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However, all that glass does nothing to filter out more harmful radiation. There is also the matter of a lack of privacy.

Solar films are a great way to reduce that problem.

Solar films work on a similar principle to tinting films used by car shops like Top Tint and Arca. The films block out up to 80% of harmful UV light. At the same time, they can protect your privacy by making it difficult for outsiders to look inside.

An additional benefit is that they can also filter out heat, keep the interior cooler. With that benefit comes savings on climate control costs.

Solar films only need a glass surface, preferably a flat one. They take only a few hours to apply, depending on the size of the panes and the number that needed covering. Finally, they’re easy to clean, and the film allows water and liquid stains to slide off with ease.