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Car Tinting

Are you considering window tinting for your vehicle? Do you need more information to make that decision?

Don’t worry, because Window Tinting Perth WA is here to offer assistance. There are many things about window tinting that we can answer, from giving reasons for getting it done to what options you have available.

Here’re a few reasons why getting tinted windows might be a good idea for your vehicle.

  • Reduced Heat – window tinting can cut down by as much as 70% of the heat coming from the outside, which can help survive a long drive in the hot Perth summers.
  • UV Filtering – tinting also keeps out ultraviolet rays, reducing the risk of skin conditions (skin cancer being among them) associated with UV exposure.
  • V Filtering – tinting also keeps out ultraviolet rays, reducing the risk of skin conditions (skin cancer being among them) associated with UV exposure.
  • Reduce Glare – out on the road, it pays to have some safety features. Tinting can reduce the amount of glare from the light, keeping your vision clear.
  • Protect Your Things – admit it, you like keeping things in your car. Window tinting can reduce the heat coming in, reducing the risks that go with those personal items exposed to light for long periods in a confined environment.
  • Privacy – with window tinting, you can have people looking in, but they won’t see anything. At the same time, you can still look out and see clearly.
 Window Tinting Perth

Dyed Window Film is a good option for window tinting.

It uses a layer of dye between an adhesive layer and a protective top coating. The setup means it can stick to the window glass, and the coating prevents any scratches.

It can block out up to half of the incoming sunlight, and it’s got a non-reflective aesthetic that appeals to many.

It also doesn’t block radio signals, if your car antenna is inside the vehicle.

Metalized window film is also an option.

This multi-layer choice works great for blocking UV rays and doesn’t fade over time, which is a bonus for its incredible durability. Glare protection is also high.

However, you might not want to use this if your radio antenna is internal because it blocks signals.

In Perth, hybrid window tinting is also a popular choice.

The metal content reflects heat, while the layer of the film does the same for glare and UV rays. The hybrid design is durable and long-lasting, reducing facing and at low risk of damage. The decreased metal quantity also doesn’t interfere with cell and radio signals.

Finally, it’s also less expensive than metalized options.Lastly, there’s ceramic film.

Ceramic is useful for blocking out heat, along with UV rays and glare. They’re not obstructive of in-glass antennae, and they don’t fade over time.

However, this type of window tinting is also among the more expensive options.