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Getting home or car window tinting can be a smart decision.

We provide you with the best quality tinted glass that would make your home protective of the damaging sun rays, improve your privacy and make your home or car look great.

Window Tinting Perth WA also offers a type of window tinting film that can withstand debris and lighter impacts, providing better resistance against the environment and vandalism.

If you're looking for the best tinting in Perth, you've come to the right place!

By getting window tinting, you're experiencing a few benefits.

First is the decrease in the light that goes through the glass. Depending on the particular material you've chosen, window tinting can reduce anywhere from 50% to 75% of incoming light. This coverage is ideal for setting a consistent mood in a room or inside a vehicle.

The second benefit is that the reflective surface of window tinting means that it not only reflects glare but also deflects heat. Some materials can divert as much as 70% of the heat from the environment, making the interior behind the glass cooler and more relaxed.

Of course, some benefits become pronounced or enhanced based on the material you use for window tinting.

Here are the quick descriptions of the types of tinting that Window Tinting Perth WA offers you.

If you're looking to maximize on heat deflection, keeping the interior cool and any valuables from getting cooked in the hot summer months, metal or ceramic window tinting is a good choice.

These are the most effective at keeping the heat out. They're pricier than other materials, but they also provide improved glare reduction and better light filtering. These types of tinting can even block out UV rays.

Dyed window tinting uses a protective film that has good light filtering and has respectable ability to reject and deflect heat and glare.

However, the film has the advantage of being a safety feature. In the event of the window shattering, the film can reduce the number of shards from the glass. Fewer shards mean less risk of being cut or injured by the edges, making for an overall safer cleanup.

Hybrid window tinting is also an option, merging the best parts of the other types.

The film's adhesive portion will reduce the number of shards in the event of shattering. There's a layer of metallic tinting that blocks out glare and heat. Finally, the combination as a whole filters out incoming UV rays.

The hybrid window tinting isn't as good at any one thing as the others are, but they're often "just right" for many customers' homes or vehicles.

Whether you want to invest in some glare protection or your car or want to give more privacy to your home, window tinting, Window Tinting Perth WA is ready to provide.

We have experts that can install these at a time of your choosing. We can advise you on what works best for your purpose, if you aren't sure of what to get but have an idea of what you want.

Happy Testimonials

The windows on my car look so sweet. The darkest legal tint is definitely great and so was the service from the guys at Window Tinting Perth WA. Thanks

Tim Lund

Our entire commercial property has just been tinted within days, when we expected weeks. Fast and reliable services hands down. We would recommend.

Daniel Coulter

Window Tinting Perth WA are still yet ceasing to amaze me. Their attention to detail and passion towards their work is not seen often and its fantastic.

Jess Newton

A massive thanks to these guys. Our home not only looks superb with the window tinting addition, but you can feel the temperature difference. Definitely win win.

Hayden Street

I was given great assistance in arranging my window tinting needs from consultation to the finished product. I must say I am very impressed by their help and the result.

Jennifer Corbett

Window Tinting Perth WA’s tradesmen had great attitude and were very approachable. I was very reassured of their capabilities after being recommended to them by a few friends.

Martin Patane

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