Tinting Process

    Window Tinting Perth WA

The windows of your car are important to you. When you get tint a car Malaga from a reputable source, such as Window Tinting Perth or Gold Star, you want to make sure the process is safe.

Here, we outline the step by step of how we apply the tinting film. You can give it a look and see that our work is clean and won't leave any damage to your vehicle or its windows.

The first step is measurement. Our team will measure the areas you want to be tinted so that preparation can get rolling.

The next step is cleaning. The surface the film is applied to have to be as flat and clear as possible, and that will involve cleaning and removing any existing bumps or stains.

The film is applied to all relevant areas. Any excess is trimmed off. In many cases, back windows require that the film is applied to the exterior areas of the vehicle.

Finally, we do double and triple checking to make sure nothing is missed. Air pockets under the film, for example, can be a problem.

The installation process will take about two to three hours. Factors that affect this include the size of the windows and the specific model of vehicle. If you requested custom designs, that could also extend the amount of time required.

Please note than on some vehicle, we may need to remove car door trims. This step is most often required for Holden VE, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, and Audi vehicles. In all instances, we make sure that care is taken every step of the way.

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