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    Window Tinting Perth WA

At Window Tinting Perth, we know that safety and security are major concerns. When someone gets tint a car Cannington from a company like Top Tint, one of the reasons is to protect their privacy. They don't want people peering inside. Tinting or frosting glass for homes is the same.

One of the best features of the window films we use is safety.

Security films can bond with the glass.

This feature provides a precautionary function in the event of breakage. When using the film, the shards after breaking are larger and hold together because of the adhesive. Because of this, the breakage is safer for both whoever is on the other side and whoever has to clean it up.

Safety films can also absorb impact force. Reducing the impact force on the windows itself can make things less hazardous overall, making it harder to break.

Our safety films utilise polyester as the core material. This material has been tested as an effective way to reduce impact damage and deter criminals. At the same time, modifying the films is easy, so you can cut it to fit your windows or to suit a specific design.

Here is a quick list of all of the great features that you can get with tinting or frosted window films.

  • Decrease the risk of cut and injuries from broken glass
  • Hold smaller shards of glass together on breaking
  • Increased endurance against severe weather and wind-borne debris
  • Customizable designs

Additionally, all of our films meet international and Australian safety standards.

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