Window tinting WA is no joke. A lot of people have been burned by working with illegitimate companies. As a result, not only do they get sub-par services, their window tints become useless after a couple of months.

As a well-adjusted human being, it is normal to get the best out of any kind of investment. This means that if we pay X amount for something, we should be getting the equivalent service/product or more. That’s why most people aren’t very comfortable with the idea of working with window tinting in Perth that are on the cheap side. They are afraid that if they pay low, they will also get bad service.

This is not entirely true. A lot of businesses offer realistic prices that don’t include any premiums because they hate the idea of overpricing. They believe that customers should only pay for what they owe them. There are also other businesses who put in premium prices for non-existing service or products. You should be wary of the latter. Most of them use the “Number 1 in Perth!” or “Trusted Window Tinting WA for 50 years” tags often.

That’s why, as a customer, it should be your responsibility to sort the good from the bad. We promise it won’t be hard. As a matter of fact, we will list down the factors you need to consider to ensure you get the best window tinting in WA.

  • Check for legitimacy – Find out if they are registered as a window tinting business. Some fly-by-night window tinting businesses are registered as a different business and just offer the tinting as a side project. While this may not be an automatic red flag, being registered properly ensures that they are really 100% into the business and not just doing it for the money.
  • Experience – Sometimes, experience can be a good metric for business offering window tinting businesses. Don’t just approach them and ask how long they have been in the business. Check their experience and also the experience of their past clients. Ask them for their business portfolio and find out if there’s anybody you can contact. Just ask their past customers of their experience with the business. Did they have a smooth transaction? Were there problems with the pricing or after-sales support?
  • Products – Next, check if the business has the kind of film you need. Remember that different kinds of film have different heat shielding and UV filtering properties. Ask if they have what you need and check the price. You may need to go and compare the prices with other businesses but it’s better to know which one offers the best prices for the product you want.
  • Warranty – Lastly, check out if they any form of warranty for your products and if they offer any after-sales support. While a lot of window tinting businesses offer lifetime warranty, check if they offer any form of support for whatever problems you might encounter with your tint. A good businessman won’t hesitate to offer full warranty and excellent after-sales support.